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The Rise of Decentralized Applications

The DApp market was worth $6.7B in its first year in 2018; $1.5B more than Apple's App Store when it first launched.


Q1 2019: there was $3.1B spent on DAPPs. Of the $3.1B, $2.7B was spent on gambling on DAPPs with over 220M transactions.


Q3 2019 spend was ~$2.1B; a drop because quality projects fail to exist on the DAPP network. Still, there are 930K active users in that quarter alone.


88 Billion in Annual Spend

Digital games on the blockchain are only two years old with users spending in excess of $2B USD per quarter.

A Market Primed for Wagering


Betting and wagering accounted for 44% of the total DApp market due to the provably fair nature of the blockchain.


- Rahul Sood, CEO of Unikrn

“NFTs are predominately used in gaming to show proof of ownership; think high scores, skins, special achievements in video games and the list is endless. Not only do NFTs highlight the importance of ownership but these tokens can be traded at a value that the asset holder sees fit across a decentralized network.”


A new ear on mass blockchain adoption will come via NFT's

The real use-cases for NFT lie within their distinguishability; think of that rare holographic Charizard or Babe Ruth baseball card. An NFT token can digitize assets that are unique pieces and that token is equally as unique. An NFT token then becomes desirable and unique, as opposed to all ETH and BTC being equal.


What is ZED

A revolutionary digital horse racing and wagering ecosystem built for an emerging market of e-sports and wagering enthusiasts.. 


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