About Virtually Human Studio (VHS)

Launched in 2019, our flagship game, ZED RUN was the first of its kind to be built on blockchain. Catapulting the studio into the spotlight, gaining worldwide attention from community and securing Series A funding from a16z, TCG, Red Beard Ventures and Greylock.

The Driving Force for Mainstream Adoption

Our mission to bridge the gap between the virtual and physical worlds became a reality with the introduction of ZED RUN and the "breathing NFT," a concept that ignited the curiosity and excitement of millions. This innovation acted as a beacon, attracting iconic brands such as Budweiser, NASCAR, Netflix, Atari, and more to join us as sponsors. As we look forward, we see boundless opportunities and an upward trajectory.

Unapologetically Entertainment

At Virtually Human Studio, providing player driven entertainment is not just our mission; it's our mantra. We are passionate about crafting products that embrace change, foster communities, and evoke powerful emotions through rewarding experiences. Our rebellious spirit drives us to defy conventions and embark on the unexpected.

Bridging Realities

We are trailblazers in using emerging technologies in gaming, sports and mixed reality to bridge the chasm between the physical and virtual worlds. Our vision extends far beyond traditional entertainment. We aspire to create experiences that are immersive, inclusive, and transformative.

Our Vision

As developers, we are unwavering in our commitment to delivering one of the most exhilarating experiences in collaboration with our passionate community. We are relentless in pushing the boundaries of what is possible and eagerly share glimpses of the future of ZED RUN through our behind-the-scenes insights.

Join us on this extraordinary journey as we redefine entertainment. Together, we will shape a future where the virtual seamlessly merges with the physical, offering unparalleled experiences for all.

Discover the limitless horizons with us and witness the evolution of ZED RUN. The only way is up.

Our Directors

Nir Efrat

CEO and Director

Nir Efrat is the CEO and Director of Virtually Human Studio (VHS). With over 25 years of industry experience, Nir is a seasoned product and business leader with a track record of success in delivering and growing digital products across various domains, including casual games (F2P), social casino platforms, and B2B/B2C innovation. He previously held influential positions at esteemed gaming companies including Take-Two, Zynga, Dots, King, and 888 where he honed his expertise in scaling and turning around cross-functional, cross-cultural, and geographically dispersed teams. His leadership has been instrumental in driving product, analytics, and technology delivery to new heights. Nir's collaborative approach and extensive experience working with industry leaders underscore his ability to navigate complex challenges and drive innovation in the gaming landscape.

Chris Laurent

Director and Co-Founder

Chris Laurent is a Director and Co-Founder of Virtually Human Studio (VHS) and the creator of ZED RUN. A confessed creative addict, seven x founder, and entrepreneur-adventurer, Chris believes that delivering simplicity in a complex world is key to the future of entertainment. His years of experience in the technology landscape have given him extensive exposure to multiple business verticals, ranging from virtual reality and sports betting to cryptocurrencies and collaborative storytelling and include independent video game animation studio TAPRR, UI/UX design agency Made Social, online talent service Promolife Australia, as well as artificial intelligence and bot builder, Dominet BotBox. Prior to co-founding Virtually Human, Chris was a consultant to BetMaker Holdings, premier wagering technology and data supplier for some of the world’s most recognised and respected bookmakers and rights holders.

Rob Salha

Director and Co-Founder

Rob Salha is a Director and Co-Founder at Virtually Human Studio (VHS), overseeing the company’s core operations. A gamer at heart, Rob is fuelled by a desire to build businesses in the software and technology industry from the ground up. Rob’s career began in finance before transitioning to tech – he’s worked with a broad range of products from SaaS, e-commerce and the blockchain. Before joining VHS, Rob worked as a Chartered Accountant at Ernst & Young across a variety of industries. Rob’s broad career has allowed him to acquire specialist skills in capital raising, accounting and financial management.