Virtually Human Studio (VHS) is a leader in developing immersive entertainment experiences that leverage blockchain technology. Our mission is to define the future of entertainment and what it can do for humanity.

We use emerging technologies in gaming, sports and mixed reality to bridge the gap between the physical world and the virtual world.

Our flagship game, ZED RUN, was one of the first of its kind created on the blockchain. Through ZED RUN, users can create a legacy by building a star-studded digital stable of winning racehorses.

With Human Park, VHS are signalling what’s next. Human Park is a decentralised gaming platform built for the interoperable future. Pioneering blockchain-native multiplayer experience, Human Park synthesises Web3 values - such as the importance of identity ownership - with traditional gaming by blending vivid in-world details with engaging community play.

With many projects underway, VHS is here to disrupt the space and define the future entertainment.

Founder Bios

Chris Laurent

Chris Laurent is the co-founder of Virtually Human Studio (VHS) and Human Park. A confessed creative addict, 7x founder, and entrepreneur-adventurer, Chris believes that delivering simplicity in a complex world is key to the future of entertainment.

His years of experience in the technology landscape have given him extensive exposure to multiple business verticals, ranging from virtual reality and sports betting to cryptocurrencies and collaborative storytelling and include independent video game animation studio TAPRR, UI/UX design agency Made Social, online talent service Promolife Australia, as well as artificial intelligence and bot builder, Dominet BotBox. Prior to co-founding Virtually Human, Chris was a consultant to BetMaker Holdings, premier wagering technology and data supplier for some of the world’s most recognised and respected bookmakers and rights holders. Chris is the creator of ZED RUN, a widely celebrated blockchain- based horse racing platform and Human Park, a next-generation Web3 experience that will empower our community to interpret the “Metaverse” in their own way.

Rob Salha

Rob Salha is Co-Founder at Virtually Human, overseeing the company’s core operations. A gamer at heart, Rob is fuelled by a desire to build businesses in the software and technology industry from the ground up. Rob’s career began in finance before transitioning to tech – he’s worked with a broad range of products from SaaS, e-commerce and the blockchain.

Before joining Virtually Human, Rob worked as a Chartered Accountant at Ernst & Young across a variety of industries. Rob’s broad career has allowed him to acquire specialist skills in capital raising, accounting and financial management.

Geoff Wellman

Geoff Wellman is Co-Founder at Virtually Human, where he defines and leads the company’s technology strategy. Geoff lives and breathes agile software delivery methods and has over 15 years of experience delivering software products that use the latest cloud technologies across a variety of industries from telecommunications, manufacturing, health, energy, education and gaming.

Geoff brings a unique strategic mindset and is well regarded for his ability to align business and technology, applying commercial insight to all technology decisions. His previous roles include Product Owner at energy retailer start-up Mojo Power, Chief Technology Officer at healthcare company Preventure, and Product Manager at learning platform Ed Micro-learning.

Chris Ebeling

Chris Ebeling is Creative Director and Co-Founder at Virtually Human, where he manages a talented team of 10 artists, who under his creative direction build the digital and visual world of ZED RUN. From 3D asset generation to racehorse animation and FX, Chris is in the trenches with his team helping them achieve the recognisable visuals that form ZED RUN.

Chris also works closely with marketing and partnerships ensuring visual alignment for both ZED RUN and its partnership brands. Chris is passionate about developing immersive digital entertainment and mentoring the next generation of creatives. He has over a decade of experience gained in gaming, augmented and virtual reality, film and the VFX industry. Some of his notable projects include animation on Hollywood blockbusters such as The Lego Movies, The Great Gatsby, Gods of Egypt and Happy Feet 2.

Most recently Chris was Creative Director at digital content studio pic4. He was also the Creative Lead for Animal Logic Academy at the University of Technology Sydney, playing a crucial role in building and developing a first of its kind, multi award winning Masters of Animation and Visualisation.

Chris is currently a Board Member of UNITY Technologies Global Education Advisory Board, the world’s leading platform for creators of interactive, real-time 3D content.